Friday, September 11, 2009

Assignment #2

Hey Class,

I hope you've had a wonderful first week of school. I enjoyed having you in my class. The following is your next assignment:

As I plan for our semester, what are some of the things you want to learn in class this year? Think about your strengths and your weaknesses. What are some things you would like to improve on in English class this year? What are some interesting books you want to read? What are some discussions that you think we should have in our class? Your suggestions are much appreciated and will be thoroughly considered by Ms. Scanlon and me.


  1. Hey ms valit

    This year i would like to learn things like reading strategies and ways to improve peices of writing such as essays and poetry. I would like to read books that are like journals of World war soilders or holocaust survivors. As far as disscussions go im really not sure on what to have a discussion about since i dont really know whats somthing that we can dicuss in english class that is on topic.

    Angelo. i have you period 3!

  2. Hi Ms. Valit

    This year i want to learn to learn how extend and make my essays least boring. My strengths are that i'm a good reader my weaknesses is that i not to good of a writer. Same as first sentence i just want to be a better writer in general. Um i don't know what books i want read. Same as above i don't know.

    This is Milton from period 3

  3. Heii Ms. Valit

    This year i want to learn how to improve my taking of notes while i read and also become a better writer. Im a good writer but i could use some help too. I would like to read books about non-fiction stories and poetry. Well and about discussions in class not very sure about that...

    Jasmina.... From 3rd Period...

  4. Throughout this year i think i would like to improve on my vocabulary mostly. Also i want to practice writing essays faster becacause i like to write and because through the regents. we need to write like 4 essays, so i think thats another thing we can go over throughout this year. A book i would recomend is "A Midsummers Night Dream" because it is intresting an very fun to read, Also "3 days of rain".

  5. bloodslycer is me Master Ali(sean) period 2

  6. This year in class I would like to become more consistent with reading every night. I would like to learn the key things that it takes to write a good realistic fiction story. In class i think that we should discuss the pros of readng non-fiction because i'm not a huge fan of it and maybe if i heard some good things about it, i might be tempted to read some.

  7. ms valit

    well this year i want to learn how to make my essays more interesting and i want to practice with taking better notes. as for my strengths i thinkit would be reading i like to read alot and as for my weakness i would say it would be writing. some books i would like to read are mystery books and some storys or short story by edgar allen poe i like his wrting. for class discussion i would say that as we get futher on will class we will have something to discuss about.

    priscila briones pd. 9

  8. as we get futher on with class. i made a mistake

  9. This year I would like to improve on my persuausive essay skills which were doing at the moment. Its usually difficult for me to come up with three supportive reasons which takes time from my actual essay writing. I reccommend the book The Lovely Bones, about a murder victim who as a ghost is looking on her killer and family.In class I think we should discuss controversial topics its always fun to see what others think.

    -Chanelle period 2

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  11. I dont have any weaknesses however I would like to improve on my reading. I recommend reading books that we ourselves pick out. Each individual likes to read about different things. I like to read about fantasy but a classmate could like to read about mystery. I think we choose our own books and confirm with you, the teacher, if it is appropriate. But if we have to read a book as a class then I recommend Stephan Kings The Dark Tower series.

    Keslie- pd. 3

  12. Hi Ms Valit,
    I would like to learn how to make my essays better. A book I think we should read in class is Strom Thief by Chris Wooding. Its a great book.

    Valerie from period 9

  13. Hey Ms.Valit,

    This year i would like to improve my essay writing skills. I usaully have a hard time organizing my paragraphs and including the right information in them. As for books i reccommend Homecoming by Cythia Voight and Red Scarf Girl by Ji-Li Jianj.

    -Mocha Davis period 9

  14. hi Ms.Valit,

    This year i would like to improve on my reading.I want to read any book about World War Two,because I think that is interesting.

    Ming Ho Sinn period3

  15. This year I would like to read more. And improve on my essay skills, I would like to learn to write faster and write and pay attention at the same timee.

    Sara Casero period 3

  16. Well to begin my response, i would like to learn many things. I want to learn different ways to read a book or any document so i can switch my reading techniques around. Also i would like if the class would talk about our world that is corrupting. For example my favorite topic, Animal extinction.

  17. heii ms valit.

    i finally signed on and found a way but anyways i hope this year would be fun and improve in all my levels. i would like to know if theres a reader in me because i thinkreading is very very boring. srry about that no offense

    -carlos torres pd9