Saturday, September 19, 2009

Assignment #3

Hey Class,

Hope you're having a good weekend. On Friday we discussed our personal and school goals. This weekend I want you to talk to your parents and guardians and ask them:
1. What are your goals in life?
2. What goals did you have as a teenager?
3. What are some suggestions you can give me for achieving my goals?

People at all ages have dreams and goals for themselves. That is what keeps us moving on and striving for more. Thank you for sharing with us the goals and dreams of your parents!

See you Monday.
Ms. Valit


  1. my parents goal is to win the lottery lol.
    lavern simms pd 9

  2. my dads goal wants to go to hawaii. wen he was a teen he wanted to have a family. he tells me to work hard and put ur mind to want i want to accomplish.
    angel diaz pd.3

  3. my grandma's goal is life is to be a good parents/grandma to her kids/grandkids. Her goal as a teenager was to be a nurse *which she reached*. As for #3 she said to always stay focused on your goal and never lose sight it or be convinced otherwise
    milton patterson pd.3

  4. my dads goal wants to try to do his best on everything.when he was a teenager he wanted to have trips,because when we became a adult, we got to work so we dont have enough time to do whatever we want to do.
    we have to work hard for the goal so it will be suceessful.
    ming ho pd3

  5. well my dads goal was to shut everyone up because he always wanted to become a lawyer.. people brought him down constantly even his own family but he did it on 7/25/85 he would have smacked everyone that doubted him... as a teen his goal was to be the best in school as he can possibly be . the suggestions he told me was that to work hard but also to take life easy and it would take you the same to relax and not stress things as much) Juan cuello pd 9

  6. My moms goals in life are to continue to grow proffesionally and find balance and happiness in her personal life as well. As a teenager my mother wanted to become a lawyer. Due to the fact that she had me while she was in college plans changed. She later became a sucesfull sales woman instead. One thing my mother wanted me to remember when it came to achieving my goals to not be afraid of failure. Theres always somthing to be learned from failed attempts at anything. She also said its important to make short term goals in order to meet long term goals.

    Angelo, Period 3

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  9. My Mom's goals are to learn english and get a profesional job. When she was a teenager she wanted to finish high school,graduate from college and become a doctor. She suggets for you to do the best that you can and always be positive so that your goals could come true...

    Jasmina, Period #3

  10. My mom's goals was to stay in high school and get good grades. My mothers suggestions are to have a positive attitude in order for you to complete your goals and don't let anyone tell you, you can't acheive them. My mother also says, " Anything is possible in this life, nothing is Impossible. "

    Jennifer Sosa, Period 3 Class

  11. some of my goal in my life was to be successful, an to be a professional actor. And have a good job in the future. Some of my parents goal was to come to america and have a nice family and have a bussines back in my country. And one of my parents wanted to be a doctor in the armys. And help people in a war back in the 70's. some of my advices are you must have PASSION & HOPE. If you lose those things you will notice that you have given up very early. And if you have those things then you will get ferther then you can possibly imagine. And i hope you have successfully achived your goal. :)
    Master Ali(sean) Period 2

  12. Hey ms valit sorry for it bein late but my mom said it was her goal to hurry up and finish school, make her parents proud and get a good job. The goals she has now are to save money, keep the cost of living down and raise a family. Her advice to me was to make sure i finish school, utilize knowledge and get as much education as possible and being knowledgeable, I can achieve anything I want in life.

    Ronald King pd.3

  13. im late on this blog thing but there is no need to fall back on my work :)
    well when my mom was young she wanted to be a police officer.. that was her goal..well before they gave her a ticket and now she hates them but yeah that was her goal :) she want to live a good life to give a good life to me and my brother..for anyone with goal all you have to do is set it and keep reaching for it :)

  14. my moms goal is to loose weight. lols
    as a teenager my moms goal was to be a teacher
    my mom suggest me constant,disciplined,and responsible to achieve my goals in the future