Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hello From Ms. Valit

Dear Students,

Welcome to our Blog!!! This Blog is for you to post Comments, Questions, and Ideas throughout the semester. I will be checking this Blog weekly, so remember, all entries must be class relevant and appropriate! Although you will be required to Blog weekly, I encourage you to use it as often as you can. You can utilize the blog to post comments about the days lesson, ask other students for help with homework or other questions that you may have about reading assignments, relay ideas or feelings about what we are currently reading, and communicate with your peers. I encourage you to debate, analyze and discuss!!! I will pick one "Blogger of the Week" and post their Blog on our Class Bulletin Board. Please make sure that your blogs are insightful and interesting. Furthermore, you MUST be respectful to your peers. If I deem your use of the Blog inappropriate, you will be removed and your rights to blogging relinquished. I am very excited to see where this goes!

Please Remember:
1. Leave your First and Last name as well as Period at the conclusion of every Blog to get credit.
2. Be creative, and insightful.
3. Make a habit of commenting on other blogs.
4. Be RESPECFUL of everyone's thoughts and feelings.
5. Report inappropriate use to Ms. Valit immediately.
6. Strive to be Blogger of the Week

Ms. Valit


  1. This doesnt really have anything to do with the class but i wanted to know what you guys think about president obama and the fact that he is for abortion. i honestly think that abortion is wrong. if you did what you did then deal with the consequences and if you were raped that is a horrible case but i believe everyone has a reason to be alive. If its that you just cant take care of the kid put it for an open adoption. Whatever way you put it abortions are wrong and i want to know what you guys think about it.
    Carmen Garica Period 2

  2. Um wat was the homework

    Jonathan Fernandez

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  4. abortions arent completely wrong or right to me they have there pros and cons like everything else in the world.. what if a mother is a rape victim and they decide not abort they would be putting a child through the worst torture and pain they can .. let just say the mother is a run away from a shelter or foster home she gets raped and pregnant .. no help at all but she refuses to abort what is she going to do when her little boy or little girl starts asking about there daddy what is she going to say ... shes going to lie because its gunna burn her insides as a mother and a victim of rape / because she had no parents and she is doing to that to he little boy/girl.. then wen child gets older and they call their mother out what is she going to say that she was a rape victim ..??? OK thats horrible but it makes no sense to raise a kid in hell wen you could have easily avoided it .... think about about would you want to be a mother whose kids hate her .. or a mother that went through a tragedy and wasn't in a stable economic position or whatever so they could have that child but a few years later you settle down and have a full blown family where you kids are happy... a big con that i always think about when i think about abortion is when a mother does it she could of just killed the scientist that made a vaccine that cures every disease or probably the boy or girl that dethrone the king of guitar jimmy hendrix ... but in the end its about survival of the fittest the human race is the most savage creature there is.... wen your in a tight position like this the true animal in you is unleashed grrrrrrrrrrrrr :D JUAN CUELLO 9TH PERIOD

  5. Hey! I was going to tell you all that i would love to recommend the book "Of Mice and Men" by John Steinbeck. This book has so many themes and important characters. I read this book in the eight grade and you really have to analyze the characters to know who they are and what they like. This book is amazing. Hint: Read the dialoques carefully and put together pieces of the puzzle!

    Ashley Laracuente, Period 3

  6. Similarities from a book to life Just some random thinking tht hit me through the day.

    one life can teach you so much. you can learn from you mistakes and have other people prevent the ones you did. its their decision, their choice but must follow through with it.you can learn from other peoples mistakes... if you choose to. realistic fiction for me is another way of interpreting life. life is like a book theres always a climax and a resolution. we are the main characters and we must know who we are. when we read a book we can always close it and come back to it. not in this place. here you have to live evry second of your life. similarities is that you cant run. you can close a book open it up again and resume. only way you resumre is if you read the book without skipping even a paragraph. life is the same. cant pause, and run away from things. you can stop and think but you cant run because when you do it makes no difference. your still going to come back and continue where you left off. its better to go through rather than to go over.

  7. can somebody tell me whats the homework?
    Ming Ho period#3

  8. The homework is to log on and comment on the blog that Ms. Valit will post.

    Btw, this is the wrong page the correct one is:


  9. hey guys just bloging.
    Master Ali(sean) period 2

  10. hi ms valit,
    i would like to recomend the book i robot by issac asimov.. its a great book. also i would like to get better in all the areas i english even though i think they are pretty deccent they can always get better right???

  11. juan cuello period 9 sorry i forgot

  12. Hey ms.valit i really love your class i personally want you to go over everything you can just to jog my memory.

    Ronald King period#3

  13. Hi Ms. Valit, well I actually really don't find English hard considering that English is my favorite and my best subject. :-) I want to learn more about poems, important figures in English. I don't really have any problems in English. My biggest weakness would probably be staying focused at times. Though like I said before English is my favorite;best subject. Last year my biggest weakness was writing and keeping a good reading log. I wasn't really into reading until two years ago and I started reading more and more. My writing also improved, practice does make perfect. Some books I would like to read in class are Go Ask Alice By Sparks Beatrice,The Perks of Being a Wallflower By Stephen Chbosky, The Time Travlers Wife By Audrey Niffenegger, My Sisters Keeper By Jodi Picoult, Wuthering Heights By Emliy Bronte, Speak By Laurie Halse Anderson, Wicked Lovely By Melissa Mar,The Color Purple By Alice Walker, Push By Sapphire, If You Come Sofly By my Most favorite author Jacquelin Woodson, Behind You (the 2ndpart of "If You Come Softly" ) By Jacquelin Woodson, and The Dear One By Jacquelin Woodson.
    And By The way my Name is Jennifer Sosa from Period 3 class

  14. ay , im not in this class but shhhhh lets hope ms.valit doesnt find out. :x
    just a topic for you guys to expand on ,
    relationships with your parents and how you deal with situations that include them. both bad and good.
    let me know.
    carmen g. period 2
    oh man i gave myself away ;)